Denise Danton-Nizzare

Denise was introduced to yoga 18 years ago as a form of therapy for her clinical anxiety and depression brought on by alcohol abuse. "I can honestly say that yoga helped me change my life, my mind and reconnect me with my spirit. It starts with the first breathe and the willingness to want to change your life. I did, and I know you can too." She shares her passion and experience with her students on a daily basis at her studio, as well as her private, individual and group classes.

Denise graduated from The Integral Yoga Institute in January 2003, and is an E-RYT with Yoga Alliance. She is the Co-Founder of Yoga for MS program which is available on 2 DVD's, certified in Laughter Yoga with the American Academy of Laughter Yoga, Chair Yoga, Gentle, Basic and Vinyasa Flow, a certified Hypnosis Practitioner with the NLP Center of NY , certified Leader in  Y12SR : The Yoga of 12 Step Recovery with Niki Rogers, and AcroYoga. She continues her education by attending workshops and teacher trainings to bring as much knowledge and experience to her students as she can.

Drema Lindie

Drema has been teaching yoga since 1997.  She is Certified through Integral Yoga Institute and is a registered E-RYT with Yoga Alliance.  Drema's style of teaching yoga is a blend of a traditional practice infused with core alignment as the central theme.  Her classes are inspired by the moment and who is in the room so it each class seems to unravel uniquely.  "My intention is to help you find yourself, within the middle of yourself.  Not only do we derive sustenance from the Breath, but it is also the vehicle through which we can heal the body, mood, and mind."  

Drema is also a Holistic Nutritionist and owner of DremaWellness and Boutique which sells, supplements, yoga clothing, & healthful fare.  You can read up about what she does on her website

Susan Orrico-Duffy

Susan became a 200 hour Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor through Integral Yoga Institute, Yogaville 2012.  Modern life is often demanding and disconnects us from what  is most important. Yoga and meditation can assist in reconnecting us to our Source. It is  Susan’s belief that Yoga is designed to bring together the mind, body and soul by using  body movement and meditation. It is based on the yogic strategy that the mind and  body are in fact “One”. Susan believes that if you practice yoga every day over a long  period of time in earnest, it can help bring the body to reach a place of harmony and  heal itself.

Susan has combined her love of yoga with her love of travel. She has a deep respect  for yoga’s ability to open the mind, body and heart, and was able to share this gift with  other travelers in Punta Cana, Costa Rica, Mexico, Arizona and Aruba.
Susan continues to enrich her education.  Since she received her Hatha Yoga  Certification in 2012 she has been certified in:
Kidding Around Yoga with Harris Lender 2015, Restorative Yoga with Jillian Pransky  2013, Rasa Restorative Yoga with Jamie Lyn Skolnick 2013, Laughter Yoga with  Bharata Wingham 2013, and Reiki I with Raising Water Holistic 2013.


Pia Mahalakshmi Pozo

Pia Mahalakshmi Pozo graduated from Freehold Yoga Center Teacher Training in 2010.  Upon graduation she was initiated into the Yoga Life Society.  She is currently enrolled in a 3 year Acharya Ministry Program and hopes to continue into the Seminarian Program.  She is a devout Yogi. She is deeply committed to service and the study of the principles of Yoga.  Her trainings include: Karma Kids Yoga Teacher Training, Baptiste Vinyasa Yoga, Ayurvedic Herbal Pharmacy, Theta Healing and Reiki Healing.

She also has earned a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and has taught martial arts to kids. She has been a Zumba instructor and a personal trainer for over 25 years.  She most recently completed an extensive Triaxial Acupressure Yoga Teacher Training.      
A Triaxial Acupressure Yoga class consists of stimulating certain points on the body while in the yoga postures, focusing on correcting energetic and physiological imbalances. When these lines of energy are open and flowing they feed and nourish vital organs and tissues, relax muscles and melt away stress and tension. The result: vibrant health, clarity, focus of mind and an enhanced state of well being.     

During her classes, Pia will show you how to stimulate and open meridians points yourself but her massages to the back, neck & shoulders are a real treat. Pia is available for private Yoga classes, personal training, Reiki, Acupressure and Massage session.

Clarissa Alliano

Clarissa has been teaching and practicing yoga for over 19 years. A graduate of Integral Yoga she is known for her invigorating Vinyasa Flow Class boh on Staten Island and everywhere she travels. She truly takes her practice off the mat and into her life and encourages her students to do the same. 

Karen Neary

Karen Neary has been a Certified Yoga Instructor through Integral Yoga Institute, registered with the Yoga Alliance, since 2002. Karen believes in the power of the practice to transform, heal & guide us all towards living a life of freedom. Classes are fueled by music, threaded with breath and inspired by the dynamic flow of asana and the timeless wisdom of yogic philosophy.

Karen has been in the Fitness/Wellness industry for over 20 years. Her many certifications include personal training, maternal fitness, prenatal fitness, prenatal yoga, spinning, resist-a-ball, TRX, AED/CPR/First Aid. Karen is dedicated, through this deep love and passion, to promote mind/body awareness and inspire overall healthy lifestyle changes of clients from all walks of life.

Kristen Hughes

Kristen became a Certified Yoga Instructor in 2011 at Yogaworks in New York, NY.  While working on her Master's Degree in Occupational Therapy at New York University, she completed her teacher training, wanting to share her love for yoga with others.  Kristen incorporates her knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology from her OT background in her yoga teaching and practice. She enjoys teaching a variety of classes from restorative to intermediate, placing a heavy emphasis on alignment and joint protection to both adults and children.

Mary Cottingham

Mary Cottingham has been practicing yoga since 2008; she came for the physical experience and stayed for the spiritual.  She could not have imagined how yoga would have such a positive impact on her life. While Mary adores and craves the physical postures, she has learned some truly life changing lessons through the practice of yoga.   A desire was created to impart this amazing "gift" to others. 

After completing her 200-hour teacher training at YogaWorks in NYC with Paula Lynch, this dream became a reality.   In 2013 Mary completed a Restorative Yoga teacher training with Jillian Pransky.   This  wife and mother of two truly delights in every opportunity that presents itself for her to teach yoga to others and is sincerely grateful to her many teachers for sharing their practice and knowledge of yoga.

Karina Wollner

Karina is a graduate of the Jaya Yoga Center in Brooklyn, N.Y. where she studied vinyasa with emphasis on Iyengar focused alignment and obtained her certification. She also received her certificationin Rasa Restorative yoga from Laughing Lotus in NYC. She has been regularly practicing yoga since 2007 exploring the many different schools of yoga offered in Staten Island, Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Karina believes that life is about Bhakti - ultimate and pure love and devotion, and that yoga is a beautiful pathway bringing her closer with each breath.  As a mother, Karina is completely devoted to her daughter, and as a teacher, she is completely devoted to her students and leading them toward the pathway of Bhakti through yoga.

Karina would like to express her endless gratitude to her teachers and all of the teachers that have come before.

Sal Cialino

Sal is a graduate from the Integral Yoga Institute in Yogaville Virginia in 2002. He is a veteran yoga teacher for the last 14 years and shares his passion for the practice with compassion and kindness. He teaches at many studios on the island and teaches a wide range of hatha yoga, from gentle to advanced. He is adored by all of his students, and his classes are very popular as his style of teaching is welcoming to all.

Rita Ricciuti Grudzinski

Rita studied with the Baptiste Power Yoga Institute where she completed the Baptiste Journey Into Power Level 1 training. She has also taken a teacher workshop with Yoga Across America to learn to teach powerful and effective classes to veterans, active duty service members, people in addiction recovery and other populations in need.  She is currently enrolled in a training program at Tula Yoga where she will deepen her teaching knowledge in all areas of yoga. She encourages self love, acceptance, and listening to the teacher within.

Rita is grateful for all her inspiring teachers who generously helped her along in her yoga practice and for all their insightful advice, one being to always follow her heart.

Andrew Joseph McDaniel

After suffering a heart attack and undergoing open heart surgery in 2009, Andrew turned to Yoga and it's holistic healing benefits and immediately saw results. He is dedicated to his practice and recently graduated and completed his 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certification with EvenFlowYoga. He believes that Yoga saved his life and is passionate about sharing his love and gratitude with his students.

Jessica Moroz

Jessica Moroz is a student at New York City College of Technology studying Dental Hygiene. She is a 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Graduate from Laughing Lotus Yoga Studio in NYC. With her love for movement and dance Jessica inspires her students to breath through each transition with ease and awareness. Her flow takes you on a journey through the chakras with an emphasis on core. Jessica enjoys the personal interaction that comes with teaching yoga privates as well as seeing the transformation for her beginner students. 

Jennifer DiCaro

Jennifer DiCaro has been practicing yoga for the past 15 years. She got her certification in Yoga For the Special Child in 2010 and began her path of bringing yoga to people of all ages, abilities, and nationalities. She has been an ambassador and volunteer for the Africa Yoga Project for the past 4 years, during which she has made 3 trips to Kenya, bringing yoga to children and adults living in impoverished conditions. She has also completed her 200 hour teacher training with Integral Yoga.

Jennifer's passion is to help all people find comfort in knowing that a divine presence is not only with them at all times, but also WITHIN them at all times. Helping people to see themselves as living, breathing, sanctuaries of divine spirit are what her classes are all about.  

Jennifer is also a licensed occupational therapist who currently works in pediatrics. She is currently dedicated to bringing yoga into public schools as a means of helping all children realize their greatness!

David Perrotto

I've have been practicing yoga for several years. The beauty it's brought into my life is something I strive to spread to others. I received my 200 hour teacher training at Laughing Lotus in NYC and continue to educate myself in the practice of yoga. I'm a full-time student at the College of Staten Island studying to become a Physical Therapist.  My teachings come from my personal practice with a mixture of gracefully movement and stillness in shapes. Along with the breath, music and sound have always been a gateway for me to dwell deeper into my practice. You will harmonize breath and body while developing strength and awareness.  Finding a delicate balance between the passive practitioner and the active one while, of course, having fun!  =)

Donna Danton

Donna Danton has supreme gratitude to her sister Denise and all those at the YOU Can Do It Yoga Center, who have enabled her in the last two years with opportunities to share her wellBEing yoga flows and massages in her home town.

Donna comes from a long fitness background, teaching back exercise, indoor cycling and walking classes. In the last seven years Donna has developed an aging WellBEing approach, teaching mostly YOGA, offering polarity & wellness massages and Donna is currentely training to become a Breath Worker in Germany. She received her YOGA Alliance Certification from Lord Vishnus Couch in Köln, Germany in 2004 and her Bachelor of Science in Physical Education & Business Management from SUNY Cortland in 1984, and has lived in Europe ever since.